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With its combination of age-old traditional horse breeding and modern reproductive technology, the department of Ain has managed to attract new investors. As well as a wealth of skillful horsemen and women, Ain boasts rich pastures and farmland, and quality animal health care services. The proximity of Geneva has also meant that Swiss owners regularly entrust their horses to the department. These assets have been extremely beneficial for the higher levels of equestrian sport.

Invest in exceptional genetic

Ain is a world leader in equine genetics, where state-of-the arts reproduction technics  (equine  embryo  transfer,  oocyte aspiration, ICSI) are routine practices. Some of the best mares in Europe are based in the department, producing some of the most sought-after embryos in the world.

Ain’s production of embryos from top-performing mares has caught the attention of investors. This has meant that the most promising mares have been syndicated, and Ain has moved to the forefront of the international embryo market. The department’s highly qualified professionals offer foaling services, broodmare liveries in natural environments and natural horsemanship training. Numerous showjumping events for young horses are also organized within the department.

Find your sports horses

  • Young  horses  competing  in  affiliated  classes organized  by  the  Société  Hippique  Française (the  French  non-profit  organization  for  the breeding  industry),  with  the  aim  of  qualifying for  the  prestigious  French  Championships  in Fontainebleau.
  • School master horses for your riders to learn and progress.
  • Horses  to  meet  the  needs  of  your  amateur clients and equestrian centers.
  • Top-class horses ready to shine in the most prestigious events.

Train your professionals

Five riders competing at five-star level in the department. As did the likes of Michel Robert, the sorely missed Hubert  Bourdy  and  Guy  Martin,  who  coached Kevin Staut, Carlos Lopez and Juan Carlos Garcia, these riders take on up-and-coming young riders on  their  yards,  to  teach  them  the  ropes  before they set up on their own.
 Your pupils will be given the same opportunities.

Provide training sessions in your establishment

All our professionals are present on the international  circuit  and  can  provide  a wide variety of training sessions: natural horsemanship, preparing and presenting young horses, event organization, course building.

Compete on the international showjumping circuits

Based  in  Ain,  where  the  facilities  at  the Bourg-en-Bresse  Equestrian  Center are  recognized  by  the  French  Olympic Committee as a preparation center for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, you  will  find  plenty  of  one  to  five  star international showjumping events at your doorstep.

With numerous international showjumping events  within  a  radius  of  150  kilometers  throughout  the  year,  the  department of  Ain  is  at  the  crossroads  of  Europe’s international  showjumping  circuit and  at  less  than  a  day’s  journey  from:

  • The  five-star  international showjumping  events  in  Paris, Valence,  Grimaud,  Bordeaux,  etc.
  • The international showjumping events in La Baule, Saint-Gall, Valkenswaard, Aachen, Rome, etc., and numerous three-, four-star and CSI YH events.

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