1095 Le Luizard

tel : +334 74 46 53 75

email : contact@parcducheval.fr

site web : www.parcducheval.fr

Languages spoken : French, English

Services offered: Hosting horses and foreign teams.

The Parc du Cheval is a centre of equestrian activities located in Chazey-sur-Ain, near Lyon.

The park consists of three poles:

  • Organization of multi-disciplinary equestrian events;
  • Organization of multi-disciplinary training courses
  • Training in the teaching profession (CQP EAE) in the coaching profession (DEJEPS) Professional equestrian training

Infrastructure dedicated to equestrian sports:

  • 2 competitive careers (100 * 70m) and (70 * 50m)
  • a relaxing career (50*30m)
  • a cross-country field
  • 2 competition rides (70 *30m) and (40 * 25m)
  • Stables of 108 boxes
  • A 150 m² dining/meeting room
  • Parking lots with electricity and water terminals;
    All tracks are sand Toubin and Clément, have lighting and sound system.

In addition, the Parc du Cheval welcomes on its site the following institutions:
• Auvergne Rhône Alpes Regional Riding Committee
• Institut Français du Cheval et de l’Equitation (IFCE)
• The horse industry
• Société Hippique Française (SHF)

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